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Life coaching retreats for business leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who want more balance and purpose in their life

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A ridiculous life – you know, that life you always wanted to create for yourself but folk just kept telling you it was ridiculous to want that.

A life where you can break free from the belief that sacrificing your health and happiness is the only path to success. That sticking at it and getting very good at surviving is all you can aspire to. 

A life where you take back control of your life, time, and energy and radiate joy and happiness in all parts of your life. One where it is no longer all about the material success, it isn’t about what everyone else is telling you it “should” be – but instead it’s one where you can be you, and where success also means balance and purpose, and in fact whatever the heck else you want it to be.

Northern Ireland Retreat

September 2023

Meet Joanna

Joanna Denton, is an executive coach working with successful business leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs who have realised that despite all their material success, they want more balance and purpose in their lives.  She helps them get their lives back.  Prior to that, Joanna worked as a tax consultant for 16 years in Big 4 accounting firms in both the UK and Luxembourg, working up to the level of Director in 2010.  Two burnouts in five years made her fall out of love with her well-established tax career, even though on the face of it she was at the top of her game. In 2014, after burnout number 2, she realised there was more to life than tax returns so she left tax, became a coach, and changed pretty much everything about how she lives her life. For more, check out her website

North Ireland Retreat 2023

What the clients have said

A retreat where I could disconnect with the outside, stop and connect with myself and find inner clarity, different perspectives and build community.

I arrived at the retreat with a mess in my head, I knew that I needed a change … but the rest was a mess. I actually had planned it and my life situation had changed so I was lost. After the weekend with Joanna and Pam and the beautiful group they attracted, I left the retreat with a more organised mind, with more confidence and clarity, and feeling that I moved towards more inner certainty. Since then, I have managed to create another plan, this time a fluid plan that is ready for the changes that life may bring me. I have been practicing putting myself in the centre of my life decisions and practicing that in every decisions apart from option a and b, there is always at least an option c (usually several options) that can be considered as a choice, I just need to open my perspective. I feel that I am giving steps (although they seem small sometimes, they are massive) towards the change I need.

Katti, Belfast, September 2023

A reminder of the importance of balance and introspection

The retreat was unlike any other experience I’ve had. Normally, I’m used to workshops that are all about efficiency, intensity, and non-stop content. However, this retreat showed me the power of slowing down and reflecting. I walked in with a mindset focused on constant action, but as the retreat progressed, I found a newfound calm and confidence. It was like the snow globe effect Joanna and I discussed, where the flurry settled, and I could truly envision my genuine life goals. I left with a strong belief in my ability to tackle any challenges, including my upcoming job. Those four days were a turning point for me, a reminder of the importance of balance and introspection in achieving personal growth.

Claudia, Austria, September 2023