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About Joanna

Joanna Denton works with busy professionals like you who are amazing at what they do, well respected in their field, and known for always going the extra mile for their clients. The only problem is, behind this facade of success, their life is falling apart.  They are exhausted and feeling the pressure to perform, compete and be available 24/7.

Every day seems to be a routine of sleep, eat, work, repeat, and they are well on the road to burnout.

Joanna helps her clients escape the vicious circle of self-doubt, work, and need to people please.  She teaches her clients how to find time for things they never did before, so they are better at work and feel lighter and less stressed.

Meet Chef Pam Fanjoy

Pam Fanjoy, MSW, RSW, has been helping families create the change that they want in their lives for the past 30 years as a Child, Adolescent & Family Therapist.

Now also an award-winning chef and Executive Director of Cooking Up Change, she is combining her talents to address the intersectionality of childhood food insecurity, mental health and future wellbeing.

Chef Pam’s culinary and counselling programs, including the signature Fanjoy Junior Chef Program, are based on a Milieu Therapy approach to care for youth and families in a safe, structured environment, when and where they need help the most.

Her innovative culinary therapy model is focused on the 3 Cs – communication, collaboration, and cooperation – to teach youth in a deliciously approachable way in any kitchen to heal trauma responses, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and increase creative problem-solving. Junior Chef programs help heal body, mind and soul, and teach valuable life skills to support the transition to independence and successful adulthood.